Our Services

Halcyon Property Specialists specialize in servicing residential, commercial and institutional properties. We provide services to insurance and non-insurance clients, with a niche in Boutique, High End, Service Oriented and Trusted Quality Work.

Water Damage

Water damage in a dwelling can be from something as small as a pinched water line to a fridge that may initially go unnoticed, but if left could result in substantial damages to one’s property and health. Our friendly and approachable certified water restoration technicians will take care in mitigating your loss and restoring your home.

Fire and Smoke

Fire and smoke damage has devastating effects on property owners. When a client experiences smoke/fire loss not only is your structure impacted, but your emotional, and psychological state as well. Our team works promptly and with your best interest in mind to mitigate your loss and salvage your property as a house is one of the biggest investments.

Mould and Asbestos

Mould and Asbestos damage is something many fear having occur in their dwelling. If either has been identified, it is important that all protocols and systems be implemented to ensure that the situation does not worsen. Our certified technicians know the correct approach to remove these unwanted items.

Crime Scene and Trauma

In some cases, services pertaining to crime and trauma cleanup may arise. This may include items related to, decomposition, projectiles, animal contamination, etc. Our certified technicians practise and provide services that comply with all IICRC S540 regulatory guidelines.