Want to learn a little about us and our industry? Below are some insights into our world here at Halcyon, which may help answer questions and help ease any worries you may have.

The Halcyon Promise

Halcyon Property Specialists will arrive at your property ready to access and determine damages. We perform services for each and every insurer and warranty our work for as long as you own your home or property. We strive to provide ongoing, accurate communication, through each and every part of the claims process

What Can I Do to Help?

  • Be accessible by phone to prevent schedule delays. 
  • Accommodate Halcyon Property Specialists with access to your property. 
  • Contact us anytime with any questions or concerns.

Common Avoidable Delays

  • Property owner limiting access to the property.
  • Property owner interfering with the drying process.
  • Property owner delaying the selection of materials and finishes.

Water Damage

  • This is the most common type of loss.
  • Almost anything can be dried with the right equipment and approach. This being said, certain materials (such as particleboard) will still show signs of water damage even after the dry standard is achieved.
  • Did you know that many materials, such as drywall, are wet during the manufacturing process which is why it is common to dry drywall in place rather than remove it all?
  • The category of water (source) determines how our technicians approach the drying process.

Fire & Smoke Damage

  • Fire is typically the most devastating type of loss as smoke/fire can quickly spread throughout the house and damage building materials and contents.
  • Not everything necessarily needs to be removed in order to eliminate the fire odour. We have many different systems to remove and seal odours.
  • It is very difficult and often not possible to remove odour from plastic-like materials.
  • Smoke can be very deceiving and travel easily throughout the home. Soot will settle on furniture and items and often leave soot tags (cobweb looking). With the right equipment, we can easily wipe down walls and furniture, often with great success.

Mould Damage

  • This is common when clients are unaware they have a water issue.
  • While mould is a scary word, it is common in regular life (it's outside and it's normal!). When taking samples, there is always an exterior spore count and the standard is to have less inside than outside.
  • It is, however, important to have mould handled by someone with the appropriate training as it can make you ill.
  • You NEVER want to put air movement on mould, this can cause the spores to become airborne which you do not want. You can however use a dehumidifier to help pull moisture and help dry the area.

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